Flat Rate I.T Services

Take the uncertainty out of your I.T budget. With Falcon Systems Flat Rate I.T package you gain access to a highly trained and dedicated team to maintain your systems including patching and security. All users have unlimited access to a help desk to answer all technology related questions.

100% Canadian Private Cloud Solutions

Falcon Systems owns and manages its own cloud infrastructure, this means your data never leaves Canada unlike most IT providers who simply resell a public cloud service which often resides in other countries and under different jurisdictions. Hosting with Falcon Systems 100% Canadian Solution means better accountability and security of your data.

Proactive Monitoring

Each workstation is equipped with a state of the art Falcon Agent Software which includes enterprise level antivirus and web protection that monitors and alerts Falcon Systems of any issues in real time. Our proactive maintenance and patching schedule ensures every station is running at its best. We perform routine backup monitoring and test restores to ensure backup data validity.

Additional Services

Falcon System approaches each project with care whether it is big or small. We specialize in equipment procurement, cable installation, office migrations and everything in-between. If you want a project done right, contact Falcon Systems.

Want a FREE assessment of your it infrastructure and workflow? One of our techs would be happy to discuss your I.T needs.

To many companies let tech work against them rather then for them. Let us help you get out of the technology dark ages!

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Our process to get your IT needs on track

Gather Information

First step is to meet and examine your current I.T situation, we will not pitch anything to you till we understand your needs and business


Come up with the most cost effective and efficient solution based on the information we gathered


Present the best solution in as least or as most technical terms as you want. Making sure you understand the problems and the solutions.


We are then only a phone call or short drive away for all your support needs. We have a small group of local techs allowing them to learn your business and help you better

In house I.T V.S Managed I.T company

Keep your costs low and predictable by choosing a managed I.T provider

Features In House Managed I.T
24 hours a day monitoring
1 hour response time
Specialized techs for the harder problems
Stable and flat month billing
Legally binding guarantee of up-time
Electronic issue management systems for efficient monitoring
Overtime charges for after hour calls

Use Falcon Systems for all your I.T needs – Contact us today!

Falcon Systems provides I.T support for a variety of clients including law firms, doctors offices, engineering firms, and not for profits.

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