Practical Examples

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What is a “Cloud Package”?

Falcon Systems has 5 core products; Falcon Cloud Servers, Falcon Sync, Falcon Voice, Falcon Mail, and Falcon Backup. These products can be combined to create a seamless work environment. We meet with you to understand your business workflow and current infrastructure. From there we determine which packages could be used to enhance your I.T experience and productivity. We have created client specific solutions for  law firms, accounting practices, oil and gas companies, not-for-profits, medical and dental clinics among others.

Case Examples

Law Offices – Pelletier Litigation

A successful law office specializing in a wide spectrum of services from family to corporate litigation. Their 10 people office was having problems with collaborating, sharing files efficiently and with document versioning using a local server. We on-boarded them in 2013 and helped them get free from their expensive local server. They now fully operate in the Cloud using Falcon Sync, Falcon Mail and are hosting their practice management software in the cloud. The solution met the Legal Society of Alberta requirements. It is now very easy for them to collaborate with clients securely using our Cloud platform and saves them thousands of dollars in overhead each year.

Financial Auditors – Sunesis

A thriving financial audit compliance firm with 20 employees, Sunesis needed to have centralized access to all their financial tools, database, CRM accessible from anywhere in the world. Falcon Systems on-boarded Sunesis in 2007 and helped the company evolve and get away from their expensive local server infrastructure. Falcon Systems migrated them to a Falcon’s Cloud Server and supported them through our all inclusive flat rate IT package. Sunesis now enjoys the freedom and security of our private Cloud Server solution and can deliver services and collaborate with their customers seamlessly. They can hire workers both locally and remote and through the support of Falcon Services can have workers up and running in no time.

Medical Clinic – Pineridge Medical Clinic

Pineridge Medical Clinic  is a busy medical practice. The clinic was looking to get cloud-centric with their EMR (Electronic Medical Records). We helped the clinic remove the need for a local server. The clinic now runs 100% in the cloud using Falcon Sync and Falcon email service and using a cloud model with the EMR system. Falcon Systems takes away all the technical needs from their busy reception staff with our All Inclusive Flat Rate services so that the front desk staff can focus on taking care of patients and not spend time on the phone trouble-shooting technical problems.

Not-For-Profit – Simon House Recovery Centre

Simon House Recovery Centre is a registered charity that assists men in returning to full and productive lives through alcohol and drug residential treatment.  Falcon Systems believes in supporting the community that it does business in.  The organization needed a secured 100% Canadian solution to ensure privacy and confidentiality of their customers data. Our 100% Canadian Cloud Services offering was a perfect fit. Simon House subscribes to a complete Falcon Cloud and All Inclusive flat rate solutions. The nature of the business requires Always ON and 24 x 7 access to their critical data and services which is delivered through our Falcon full Cloud package.

Dental Clinic – Northmount Dental Clinic

Northmount Dental is a successful Dental Office with 3 doctors and 12 dental chairs. Northmount Dental uses a combination of  a local server and Falcon Cloud based products which allows them to keep everything functional and fast within the practice while subscribing to Falcon Cloud Backups and Falcon All Inclusive Flat Rate service to ensure security and access to unlimited help desk and maintenance services. Some businesses still require on premise servers. With the addition of a few Cloud services, Falcon Systems ensures the data is backed up remotely and safely to our all Canadian Falcon Cloud Backup service. Falcon Systems concierge flat rate IT services helps their busy staff focusing on their clients, not on their network.