Flat Rate I.T

Our flat rate I.T. services are designed to help you get back to focusing on your business.

Falcon Systems will look after all your daily I.T needs for an affordable monthly cost. No hidden charges or no surprise bills! Just top quality I.T work for a fixed cost. We take care of everything from user administration, security, patch management, routine backups, documentation, user support and so much more.

Unlimited User Support

Security and Backups

Falcon Systems employs industry leading security procedures and  state of the art detection and alerting software. Falcon Systems makes sure all clients have 3 copies of their data; their local copy, a local backup and an offsite backup. We take this a step further by validating backups by doing routine test restores. We regularly audit the security of all our clients to ensure our clients and their staff are following best practices.

Remote Monitoring & Patching

We keep your workstations in perfect running order. Falcon System installs a remote monitoring software on each workstation. This software includes enterprise level anti-virus and malware protection which alerts our network operation centre of any issues in real time. This agent also performs real time health and safety check as well as detection of unauthorised login attempts as well as many vital system checks.

Documents and Procedures

Documentation is often overlooked but it is a key component for security and health of your network and new government regulations are requiring key sectors to have formal procedures in place to receive accreditation. Falcon Systems uses our file sharing technology Falcon Delta Sync which allows us to share and collaborate on I.T documentation in real time. Clients maintain full access and ownership to these procedures and documents.

Long Term Budgets

Falcon System provides yearly budgeting forecast allowing our clients to plan and budget for future purchases. We maintain life cycle documents for all assets including website domains, workstation, physical equipment and third party vendor contracts. We track warranty’s, expiration’s, and purchased date’s with alerting set to notify Falcon Systems of renewals or equipment entering the end of its life-cycle. This allows for precise forecasting on I.T budgeting.

Let us get your I.T needs back on track!

Falcon System offers a world class I.T department at a fraction of the cost 

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