Old Legal Solutions

Falcon Systems provides turnkey and custom solutions that let you stay focused on running your firm. With our Cloud Services, there’s no need for a local server or expensive set-ups.

As a small to mid-sized legal firm, you need your team to work seamlessly and without costly disruptions. We know what it’s like to operate lean and mean. That’s why we eliminate the frustrations of big law IT firms by providing your team with straightforward, dependable infrastructure and 24-hour support.

Secure Data Storage

With our 100% Canadian Cloud Solutions, all your valuable legal documents are hosted locally in our secure complex in Calgary, Alberta. Storage solutions that protect and prevent access from non-Canadian parties. Your firm is entrusted with confidential and highly sensitive data that needs maximum protection. We provide you with safe, secure and reliable access to all your valuable data, saving you both time and stress. We perform routine backup monitoring and test restores to ensure data validity.

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Complete Data Security

Like many businesses, your workplace probably looks a lot different than it did a few years ago. If you have team members working remotely, your firm’s cyber security is more important than ever. With employees accessing personal and confidential data from home, there are growing concerns over data breaches. Falcon Systems provides bank-level protection. We provide your team with the tools and support to work efficiently 24/7 and serve your clients from any location.

We've supported law firms and lawyers for more than a decade, ensuring their systems increase profitability and team collaboration with

PCLaw Practice Management

Financial Institution Grade Data Protection and Compliance

Time tracking

File and folder management with proprietary file-sharing using your branding

Secure email encryption

24/7 Managed Service Provider (MSP) Support

Scanning to folder and email

VoIP phones with MS Teams Integration

Secure fax over IP solutions

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