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Our Story

While walking near my home in Calgary, Alberta, I watched a falcon soar across the sky. Right then, I realized the connection between these incredible creatures and what’s at the heart of our company. They symbolize what people want most from their IT experience: speed, agility and an eye in the sky. Falcons hover high in the clouds and can spot danger from more than a mile away. They are also the fastest creatures on earth, flying upwards of 200 miles per hour. Inspired by their strength and agility, Falcon Systems provides customers with a lightning-fast response to IT issues while ensuring their data is protected in one of Calgary’s most secure data center facilities.

Cedric Desgagne, Founder + Director of Managed IT Services

Falcon Systems is your one-stop IT shop for small to mid-sized businesses. We are a tightknit, agile team with years of IT experience under our belt. Like you, we’re a group of entrepreneurs who want to help you soar above your competition.


Cedric Desgagne

President & Director Managed
IT Services

Cedric founded Falcon Systems in 2007 after discovering that the SMB (Small to Medium Businesses) sector was woefully underserved. Falcon provides companies with simple, knowledgeable and reliable IT solutions for a reasonable price. Cedric holds several technical certifications and has 20 years of Corporate IT experience. In his spare time, you might catch him and his daughter skiing the slopes or hitting a long drive from the tee box.


Doug Claxton

Enterprise IT Virtualization Specialist,
Microsoft Solutions Expert

Doug is truly passionate about anything with an IP address. He is always pushing technology to the limits to find creative solutions to lower companies’ IT bills and increase efficiency while maintaining top-level cyber security. Doug is known as our Falcon Systems cloud expert and he oversees our all-Canadian cloud solutions as our Chief Technical Officer. You might catch Doug flying his drone or out kite boarding In his spare time, when he is not too busy with his first passion: being a father.


Rico Castro

Network Operation Center Analyst / Afterhours Support (SOC/NOC)

Rico is Falcon Systems Network Operations Analyst and is always eager to assist with any issue, large or small. His calm personality and willingness to go the extra mile make him the go-to guy for many of our clients. Rico keeps a close eye on all aspects of monitoring for our customers and provides critical after hours support. He is our patching and monitoring expert and helps ensure problems are detected and neutralized before they cause any disruption to our clients. When Rico is not busy being our eye in the sky, he is a dedicated father and husband.


Ryan Wilson

Systems Administrator,
On-Site Support

Ryan is a fast and agile Systems Administrator and is always ready to head on-site to tackle problems first-hand. His calm demeanour and knack for finding quick answers to complex issues have quickly made him a fan favourite. Away from the office, Ryan is an aspiring Sim Racer and is genuinely passionate about everything connected to automobiles. He can identify most cars simply by listening to the sound of the exhaust. Ryan is a solid presence for Falcon and always strives to provide fast and friendly service.


Mariana Ruiz

Helpdesk Analyst, Account Manager

Mariana’s engineering background has helped her conquer a new career in IT with impressive ease. She has quickly made a name for herself as a dedicated account manager, where she assists with overflow services and customer service, while developing and maintaining critical documentation and procedures for the Falcon team. Mariana has a passion for traditional Mayan dance and is a devoted mother.


Toshiko Okamoto

Accounting, Procurement

Toshiko is our Accounting and Procurement specialist and plays a key role in our Accounting and Procurement group. She assists with research and procuring hardware and software at the best possible price for our customers. She brings a legendary Japanese work ethic and precision to Falcon. Toshiko has a passion for fitness and is a dedicated runner and a loving mother.

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